WHAT IS YONDU?2018-10-03T04:15:24-04:00

Yondu Vegetable Essence is the all-natural savory seasoning that will make your veggies taste delicious. It’s umami in a bottle.

HOW IS YONDU MADE?2018-10-03T04:16:45-04:00

Non-GMO organic soybeans are fermented over the course of 100 days, then blended with the savory extracts of onions, white radishes, leeks, cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic to create Yondu’s unique flavor that enhances the taste of a variety of cuisine.

HOW DO I USE YONDU?2018-10-03T04:18:43-04:00

Check out our recipes section for some ideas! Add a couple drops of Yondu in your cooking where you would typically use salt. Yondu works by enhancing food’s natural flavors, rather than adding a new flavor to your cooking. Add a splash to soups and broths, onto sautéed vegetables, and into sauces to add richness to your cooking quickly and effortlessly.

WHO MAKES YONDU?2018-10-03T04:19:24-04:00

Yondu is made by Sempio Foods Company, a third-generation family-owned business dedicated to developing and innovating traditional Korean food culture. Since 1946, Sempio has been perfecting world-class ingredients and condiments like gochujang, doenjang, ssamjang and ganjang in Korea, where vegetables are the hero of every meal. Alongside our Fermentation Research Center and global chefs, Sempio seeks to capture the world’s best flavors.

WHERE CAN I BUY YONDU?2018-10-03T04:20:29-04:00

Yondu is available nation-wide via Amazon and in specialty grocers in New York City. Please contact us at info@yondu.us to find out more or for business inquiries.